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How to test site compatibility in IE6?

Many designers face this issue. Suppose you code a website, it works great in all browsers. But you don’t know about IE6, and you WANT TO check it! What many users do is somehow install a virtual machine, get IE6 and do loads of headaches and time wasting. I just found a simple and great way to check your website or template in IE6.

This not only checks in IE6 but you can start from IE3!!!

Nothing too complicated, its just a small software which installs Internet Explorer versions you select, and run them individually instead of overwriting your current IE version.

The software is developed by TredoSoft and is called Multiple IEs, so far i have found this useful, and i recommend you to download this if you wanna test your sites or templates in IE6. You can just install IE6 or even install previous versions…

How to remove browser selection borders (rectangles)

What do i mean by the title? Well, sometimes you click on a text/image in your template and it gets a dotted-line rectangle selection, which looks ugly and you wanna remove it.

Selection Rectangle

Selection Rectangle

This thing bothered me a bit, so with a bit of help i found out how to remove them.
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Someone is impersonating me

Something weird is happening. Someone has seemed to register on many websites and forums (cant be a bot because a bot only works under one type which could be a vbulletin forum or a wordpress site, but here all types of sites) using my username “campolar”. Just posting this for you to know, they are NOT ME! Anything which happens with a username called “campolar” who does spam is NOT ME. I am trying to get my hand on those, but i may be out of luck. I’ll keep you guys updated…