Ever seen one of those cool kinetic animations?

I thought about making one using jQuery. And I sort of did. It’s not exactly a “kinetic animation” but it just somewhat like it. And its very small. Usually kinetic animations are of at least a minute, this is just a few seconds. But hey, it’s all done using jQuery. This is just done to show that a kinetic animation can really be achieved using jQuery. I, being a jQuery n00b for now (and more when I made this), couldn’t do more with it. I still don’t know if we can rotate text in jQ, else that’ll be COOL!   

> Check it out!

Feel free to look through the source code. I’m not saying it’ll be something as comprehensive as reading o2 uk Broadband reviews but do whatever you like with it. There’s no license restriction. But if you decide to blog about this, I’d like a linkback. I don’t know, but maybe yes, the jQ code is very messy, it could be shorter and more cleaner; but I found the job easy to do this way, and I’m still learning jQuery.

Does this have any practical use?

Yes, and no. A short animation could have some use on corporate websites. A real kinetic animation doesn’t have any practical use I can think of 😀

Enjoy! Waiting for your comments, and don’t forget to retweet this 🙂

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