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How to delete sdra64.exe?

We all keep hitting viruses. Last week I was somehow hit by a malware known as sdra64.exe. It has many other names, which you can check on the malware’s profile on Prevx. It is hard to delete, you can’t delete it because its being used in the registry. If you remove it from the registery, it comes back. So HOW TO REMOVE IT? I was able to, it wasn’t too hard, just a bit of thinking. If you have this, and wanna remove it ASAP, then you wanna read on 😉
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Hello world!

Hey everyone.

If you came here looking for a portfolio, its removed and will appear at Campolar Designs soon enough. Rest than that. This is my blog, yes MINE and you can’t have it!

I’ll be blogging about stuff you are interested in. My old blog was shit and yes i know i’m using the same theme on this but i’ll make one myself soon. This is mostly for designers and pc stuff. I already have a few new (after i post the old ones) tutorials and freebies coming. So if you really wanna follow a good blog, which doesn’t spam you, start following my RSS, subscribe or just follow me on Twitter 😀

Yea that’s all i have to say on my Hello World post 🙂 I still have to modify this blog as much as possible (staying within the limits)

So i’ll see you in the comments! (if there is another way, i’ll see you that way too xD)