As a web-designer, I’ve always had to deal with extra work when i wanted to screenshot a webpage design. I used to do it manually, taking bit by bit the visible portion and then joining them together. It used to be a real headache! So i did a bit of googling and came across a really good firefox add-on.

It’s a firefox add-on called “Screengrab“. It can screenshot the visible portion, the entire page, or only a selection. The same can also be applied for adding it to the clipboard. I highly recommend you get it if you wanna make grabbing a screenshot of your webpage easier, be it for a client or for ThemeForest 😉

Visit Screengrab’s Homepage
Visit Screengrab on Mozilla Add-Ons


~ campolar

PS: If you have a large resolution, and want the screenshot at a smaller resolution, use the “Resize” feature in Firefox’s “Web Developer” toolbar 🙂 (i have a custom size of 1024×768 pixels added.)

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